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Pan American Exposition Polyester Flag - Made in USA

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Printed in the USA Made in the USA Made in Buffalo, NY Flagpole Sold Separately Hardware Sold Separately Single-Sided

Designed, printed and sewn in house by our team in Buffalo, NY. Proudly made in the USA, this high quality 3x5' polyester flag features heading and grommets with four rows of stitching on the fly end. This flag can be hung outdoors on a flagpole, off the house or in the ground. Not finding a custom flag style you like? Reach out to us via email at: and let us know what you are looking for! Flag stand/pole sold separately. 

Pan American Flag History:

The Pan-American Exposition Company held a design competition for the flag to be displayed on hundreds of flag poles on the Exposition grounds, licensed to companies for the manufacture of small souvenir size flags, and emblazoned on various objects such as those at right. It was to be the Exposition Flag.

In January, 1901, Adelaide J. Thorpe won the competition for the best design for an official Exposition flag. The Exposition Company's executive board offered a $100 prize and Thorpe's was chosen of the 300 designs submitted. (Adelaide Thorpe was also the Assistant Director of Interior Decoration for the Exposition buildings.)

The Buffalo Evening News summarized her design thus: "It was the aim of Miss Thorpe to embody in the flag the national symbols of all the Pan-American countries. Accordingly, she selected for the basis the tricolor, the symbol of the Republic, in recognition of the fact that all of the Free States of the Occident have that form of government. The red and blue are divided by a chevron of white. In the triangular blue field, next the staff, is the North Star. The blue and the star typify the countries in the cool Northern hemisphere. In the red, typifying the warm countries of the South, gleam the four stars of the Southern cross.

"A gold eagle, with outstretched wings, typifying freedom, occupies the center of the white field. Its head is surmounted by the sunrays of the Aztecs and Incas. In its talons is a streamer bearing the inscription P A X 1901, "Pax" signifying "peace," and at the same time its letter forming the abbreviation for the Pan-American Exposition."


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