Flagpole FAQs

Have Questions About Flagpole? We are here to help! Below are frequent FAQs regarding flagpoles


What factors affect the price of a Flagpole?

There are six features that distinguish the flagpole price:

  • Height
  • Butt Diameter
  • Wall Thickness
  • Finish (Satin Aluminum, Powder Painted, Anodized)
  • Halyard System (Internal or External)
  • Installation Type (Ground Set, Shoe Base or Wall Mount)

How many Flags can I fly on my flagpole?

  • Flagpoles typically can fly one (1) to three (3) flags depending on the design factors. Pole length and diameter will help determine how many can be flown at one time. 

How do I select a Flagpole size?

  • Most flagpoles are chosen based solely on the visual aesthetics desired by project owners. An industry accepted, inexpensive way to get a visual feel for the height of the flagpole is to take a kite string and attach it to a helium filled balloon. Simply allow the balloon to rise to the area you were considering flying the flag, and measure how much string is out to give the desired flagpole mounting height.

Should I place a light on my Flagpole?

  • Flag etiquette makes it customary to light the flag when being flown 24 hours a day. Options include the American Beacon Down Lighting system and ground mounted lights installed away from the flagpole to Up Light the flag.
How you do you determine the size of the concrete base needed to support a flagpole?
  • We offer basic suggestions for foundation measurements in firm, dry soil. Soil conditions sites vary by site. Exact foundation requirements should be verified by a Structural Engineer with knowledge of soil conditions in your area.
How close should a flagpole be installed to other flagpoles or objects?
  • The size flag that will be flown will determine the distance. A minimum distance of 1-1/2 times the flag length is recommended.
  • NOTE: Be cautious when working around power lines. If a pole comes in contact with a power line, serious injury or death can occur.
How much of the Flagpole should be embedded in a Ground Set Installation?
  • Industry standard recommendations state that 10% of the Mounting Height (above ground height) of a flagpole should be buried in Ground Set installations. For example, a 20′ flagpole is manufactured 22′ long to account for 2′ (10%) being embedded.
  • If your foundation design shows a flagpole embedment deeper than the 10% length, we recommend contacting us for options in extending the grounding spike in place of extending the flagpole and ground sleeve length.
When a second flag is flown on the same flagpole as a U.S. flag, how big should it be? 
  • While there is no rule in the US Flag Code as long as the U.S. flag is on top and secondary flags are no larger. The industry accepted standard is that two flags of a similar or exact size is the most pleasing design.
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